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Guangzhou China International Coatings Exhibition

From December 4 to 6, Bohai Company appeared in the international coatings exhibition with a new image as a high-end water paint integrated solution provider, and achieved a complete success. After the exhibition, the exhibition team made a review to summarize the highlights and gains of the exhibition.     Through observation, we found that most of the products that customers consulted were waterborne wood lacquer emulsion WE6154. They paid high attention to the transparency, high gloss and chemical resistance of the product. For the two-component wood lacquer emulsion WE2396, many people had focused on the characteristics of the product, such as high hardness, good resistance to cigarette butts, anti collapse and good extinction. ⋯⋯                 In the field of UV curing, the most familiar product is water-based UV resin. Customers were very interested in the feature that it can add water or alcohol at will, and BH-W-08C's fast drying, good coloring and good wettability that can solve the problem of difficult coloring of wood primer; as for BH-W-09C, customers also did a detailed understanding on its good gloss, high hardness, and excellent properties. Oily UV curable resin were consulted about its adhesion, flexibility, yellowing resistance and so on. BH-1208A can help engineers solve these problems.       New and old customers who came to consult were very interested in our core technologies, such as: Three core technologies of waterborne emulsion: 1、Core shell technology: The positive correlation between the film forming temperature and the glass transition temperature of ordinary emulsion is solved. 2、Self bonding technology: The product is designed from the point of view of particle design, which overcomes the common defects of traditional acrylic products, such as hot viscosity and cold brittleness; 3、Modified polymerization technology: The polyurethane modified acrylic acid polymerization process has been used to improve the performance of the emulsion.   Five advantages of UV resin: 1. Safety and environmental protection; 2. Energy saving and high efficiency; 3. Viscosity adjustable; 4. Thincoating achievable; 5. Low cost advantages          The three-day exhibition was over. Thank you for coming to our booth. We are looking forward to meeting with you and hearing your valuable opinions. We will work hand in hand for the development of environment-friendly water-based materials and win-win cooperation!
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